Saturday, May 2, 2009

Two weeks...

It's May 2nd now, which means we are exactly two weeks away from the start of the production! Things are really falling into place nicely, which means that this is the first weekend in awhile that we haven't been running around trying to do all sorts of fun movie related tasks.

This week, we made arrangements for our "Aidan", Cory Driscoll, to fly into Los Angeles from Jacksonville. He'll be here for almost two weeks while we complete our first round of shooting. I know everyone is really excited about him coming.

Last weekend, we finally found our John & Cheryl Spencer (Jack's parents, for those of you who aren't keeping track of character names) which finalizes our principal cast. We've also added a few awesome people to our crew, who will be a tremendous help as we get into actual production.

That's all for now- keep checking back. As we get into production, this blog will be exploding with updates!

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